.Wine and Craft Beer.


     To just put it out there, I am obsessed with wine.  My parents have always drunk wine so I have been around it for as long as I can remember, but I think the obsession was realized and solidified when I lived in Puerto Aysen, Chile for 10 months of my life as a volunteer English teacher.  There, wine became part of my everyday life as it was such a part of theirs.  Red wine.  Cheap, boxed wine.  Good, quality wine.  Concha y Toro.  Loads of it.  I fell in love.  Both of my ‘host moms’ in Spain and then in Chile gifted me a bottle of red wine as I returned to the states at the end of my stay there.

     Now, it’s a part of my everyday life.  I enjoy trying different types of wine, different brands of wine.  I’m a sucker for gimmicky wine and creative labels that catch my attention.  I WILL buy it.  I buy cheap, Walmart brand wine when I have to.  I splurge every once in a while for a bottle I wouldn’t normally buy, but I also have my Frontera/Concha y Toro (Chilean wine) that I always go back to.  

     I’m a lover of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon to be more specific.  My favorite white is Sauvignon Blanc.  I love a good plate of pasta with a glass of red, and a nice plate of sushi with some white.  I went to the Texas Wine Trail in the Hill Country for my first time this spring and I was in HEAVEN!

     Oh yeah- craft beer!  I almost forgot.  I also love craft beer.  I recently subscribed to a ‘by mail’ 3 month craft beer club for a gift for my fiancé and was extremely satisfied with the selection of brews from the micro and craft breweries.  Ciders are my favorite, but I love trying any kind of beer that is infused with fruits or wild flavors, the latest trend.  I am a true IPA fan and again, I usually go for all the out of the ordinary IPA flavors.

     In my .Wine and Craft Beer. category, I will introduce you to my favorite wines, share (literally) every time I try a new bottle of wine (no joke) and all of the worthy craft beers that I discover…