At first I just thought I loved to eat, but when I settled down and became a mom and had to learn how to cook, I realized it was much more than that!  Of course I turned to Pinterest, the internet, Rachel Ray Every Day, the Food Network Magazine, other blogs, etc. and once I got into my groove, I fell in love with cooking.  Now granted, there are days when I don’t feel up to it, but for the most part, I’m all about the cooking.

     Cooking has become one of my biggest stress relievers and I love nothing more than to come home after a long day of work, pour a glass of wine, and set out to try a completely new recipe.  Of course I have my favorites and go-tos that I enjoy sharing with other people, especially fellow moms. 

     A few years ago I started my first blog, Comida 4 You and Me, and it served as a personal space for me to organize my favorite recipes as well as successful ones that I had found on Pinterest.  I was beginning a new part of my life, as a ‘mom cook.’  Eventually, I started venturing off the recipes and heading down my own path, changing them up, adding to them, and even creating my own. 

     In this new blog, I want to maintain my old purpose- creating a personal space to organize my recipes and ideas while also sharing new, successful recipe tries, my all time favorites, the crowd-pleasers, the kid approved, and even my own creations.  The recipes I share are simple for the most part, with minimal ingredients. 

     Check out my previous recipe blog below for a taste of what you’ll see in the .Recipes. category on .All That’s Eatable. 

Comida 4 You and Me