.Homemade Cocktails.


     How can you have the food without the drink, right?  Growing up, I always remember my mother drinking margaritas…and how fun was it as a kid to get to drink a virgin strawberry daquari at a restaurant?!  Drink is part of culture and that’s some of the reason I was drawn to the Mexican culture and Spanish language at such a young age…

     While I was in college and for a year after I graduated, I was a waitress and bartender at a privately owned, hole-in-the-wall bar in my small hometown.  I loved  making drinks for people, trying out recipes on them, and chatting with them all the while.  I craved the social aspect of the drink.

     While I traveled to Spain and other parts of Europe, I definitely indulged in the drink culture there- wine, sangria, cerveza…it was amazing.  Like food, these refreshments brought people together.  Outdoor cafés a buzz, laughter all around…a positive vibe.  I continued exploring drinking culture during the year that I spent in South America as a teacher in Chile – Pisco sours, wine, sangria, cerveza…my host mom made me typical Chilean drinks and taught me the secrets.  I became super passionate about Chilean wine.  Complete nostalgia of my traveling days surrounds me when I sip on a drink.

     Today, I love hosting guests at my home and making them feel welcome by making cocktails for them and myself!  I enjoy trying out drink recipes and creating new ones.  I go to restaurants, bars, taverns, and pubs often in search of the perfect cocktail.  The allure of the intricate cocktails in restaurants that have pretty garnishes, unique flavors, and fresh ingredients is too much for me!

     In my posts in the .Homemade Cocktails. category, I will share some of my favorite drinks that I make at home, recreate drinks I’ve sipped during my travels, as well as attempt intriguing recipes that I find…