Hey mama- jazz up your bubbly…

Who says mimosas are just for brunch?!

I love champagne and I enjoy a mimosa in the evening every once in a while to relax.

Champagne- light, bubbly, fun, and great for everyday relaxation…especially for the mamas!!  Ha ha.  Anyways, it’s one of my favorite things to drink when we’re just hanging around the house (but- then again, isn’t everything?!).  It’s so versatile and you can mix it up any way you can imagine… juices, fruits, syrups, herbs…

I obviously do the usual mimosa- champagne and oj, very often, but I also add cranberry juice to my mimosa to change it up.  I loooove my cranberry orange mimosas!


Another way I loooove it is cranberry juice and champagne…I think it’s a little lighter and fresher than oj, and I bump up the freshness by adding some fresh mint leaves from my herb garden…aaaand there you have it!- a “cranberry mint-mosa”!!

There are endless possibilities with champagne, so jazz it up mamas…you deserve it!!


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