Tortilla Pizzas


I’ve already posted about my favorite tortillas from Olé Mexican Foods, La Banderita Authentic Tortillas, and so on my blog I wanted to share some additional ways that I use the tortillas instead of just for tacos.  They are so versatile!!  I use these tortillas for many different meals and snacks, especially when I am looking to do something quick and save time!  They have saved me in so many situations so I’m sharing the idea with fellow mamas…

Probably my number one use for these tortillas, is my famous tortilla pizza!  I make these on weeknights when we have stuff going on, maybe soccer practice, a late meeting, a game… I also make them when we are craving a late night snack in bed!  I always have tortillas, jarred pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and jalapeoños on-hand in case our schedule changes during the week, I was too lazy to meal plan for a night, or I’m just too damn tired to cook a meal on any given night! : )

Tortilla pizzas are the perfect meal idea!  I use the small tortillas for the kids, as they make the perfect personal size pizza.  I use the Burrito Grande size for us adults.  It’s nice because they can be easily customized to each family member’s desire for toppings and everyone is happy!  Using the tortillas for pizza crust is not only a time saver, but it feels a lot lighter than regular pizza crust on the tummy…  Did I mention how delicious it tastes?!  It’s a spin on your normal pizza and everyone is ALWAYS satisfied.  They never get tired of tortilla pizzas.

I top the tortillas, sometimes subbing the pizza sauce for butter and minced garlic, heat the oven to 375 degrees, and cook until cheese is melted and tortilla edges start to brown.  Simple.

So gather all the toppings your heart desires and you’ll be whipping up tortilla pizzas for the fam in no time!



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