Puerto Rican Chops y Arroz con Gandules

Are you looking for something different to cook for your family dinners?  Something flavorful?  Did you ever think you would be able to cook Puerto Rican food at home?  Well, here is the easiest and tastiest recipe there is!

This is another go-to, family favorite, fairly simple, full of taste recipe…most ingredients in this meal are Goya brand products and YES I highly recommend using all Goya for this recipe!  There’s no other way you will be able to get this taste, other than with Goya seasonings…trust me.

I actually got the seasoning recipe for the pork chops from my partner’s family.  His father is Puerto Rican and his mother lived in Puerto Rico a while back for years.  When we were visiting them in New Hampshire a few years ago, they made these chops as part of a feast for us all.  Since then, I’ve made them numerous times.

I always pair them with a Puerto Rican rice recipe that I found while perusing Pinterest, that has become one of my absolute favoritos! (I know I say ‘I love’ everything and that everything is ‘my absolute favorite’ but trust me when I say it! – I only share the best of the best on my blog!)

Puerto Rican Chops

Vegetable oil
Bone-in pork chops
Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning with Pepper
A box of Goya Sazón con Culantro y Achiote Flavor Packets

Arroz con Gandules

(Original recipe at the link above)

1 can tomato sauce (small can)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 packet Goya Sazón
Black pepper
1 can Green Pigeon Peas/Gandules verdes
1 cup of rice (I buy Mahatma yellow rice instead of white)
2 cups water



-Pour about an inch of oil into skillet (I prefer to use cast iron, allows for better flavor!) and heat.

-While heating, generously season each pork chop with Goya All Purpose Seasoning on both sides

-Follow with seasoning both sides of each chop with the Sazón flavor packets.  This will take multiple packets and don’t be shy on the seasoning!

-When oil is heated, sizzles when you flick water into it, add chops to the skillet.

-Turn frequently with tongs letting them fry until they start to turn brown around the edges on both sides.

-When cooked through, remove and set on a plate with paper towel  to drain excess oil.


-In a sauce pan add olive oil and heat.  When heated, but not quite boiling, add can of tomato sauce.

-Whisk oil and tomato sauce together rapidly.

-When mixed add 1 packet of Sazón and a few shakes/grinds of black pepper and mix.

-Once mixture starts to boil, add the can of pigeon peas and stir.

-Wait until the sauce and pea mixture starts to boil and add the rice.  Mix well again.

-Add 2 cups of water and let cook, covered with a lid

-Check frequently and stir every few minutes as the rice tends to stick to the bottom of the pot. (at least it does for me!)

-Taste rice to check for doneness.  I like to remove from heat when it’s almost done, but leave covered to cook a bit longer with the steam.

Serve hot with any other sides you desire…

Now, you can cook Puerto Rican!