Mexican Sunrise


I don’t think I have done a post on Topo Chico yet, but I will soon, as it is a necessity to my daily existence.  Lol… I literally add it to all of my beverages, alcoholic or non, and drink it on the daily because of it’s addictive fizziness and magical healing minerals from Mexico…

I’m a tequila drinker, so when I mix my tequila, usually in a margarita, I always top it with Topo Chico.  The effervescent fizz makes my cocktails that much more enjoyable and attractively fresh.

This is my version of the Tequila Sunrise, sans grenadine, to eliminate some of the excess sugar, since OJ still has quite a bit… it’s a basic, but refreshing cocktail using Mexican tequila and Mexican mineral water.

I recently tried a new tequila, which I used in this drink, called Lunazul.  I was attracted to its pricepoint first, and after I tried it, it’s awards for quality and taste were validated.  The Reposado is a 100% Agave Tequila and is super smooth.  After researching it a bit, I discovered that the company partners “with NATURALIA, a non-profit organization that promotes the conservation of Mexico’s ecosystems and wild species such as the Mexican Wolf through outreach, education, and fieldwork.” 

Sooooo…how cool is that?

Mexican Sunrise

Tequila- Lunazul
Orange Juice
Topo Chico

-1 shot of tequila over ice

-fill glass 2/3 full with OJ

-top with Topo Chico mineral water

-add orange slices



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